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Opening Tracks [31 May 2006|05:02am]

Pigs on a Wing- Pink Floyd
Uncle John's Band- The Grateful Dead
Theme- Jon Brion
Won't Be Home- Old 97's
A Swingin' Safari- Billy Vaughn & his Orchestra
The Magnificent Seven- Al Caiola
You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar- QOTSA
Christine's Tune- The Flying Burrito Brothers
Heart Shaped World- Chris Isaak
Wheels- Cake
New Coat of Paint- Tom Waits
The Obvious Child- Paul Simon
My Back Pages- The Magokoro Brothers
Naked In the City Again- Hot Hot Heat
Clash City Rocker- The Clash
Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, IL- Sufjan Stevens
Israelites- Desmond Dekker
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[14 May 2006|12:28am]


You'll need WinRAR to unzip it, I think.

If you have any questions, lemme know.
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ones [12 May 2006|01:44am]

Pretty straightforward, quick mix that I did instead of studying Anthro for a test I probably am going to fail.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

annnd here it is: http://beta.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=CA69FF7A7BB83CA0

NOTE: I reformatted the track names and added a song, because I couldn't believe I forgot one of my favorite Track 1's of all-time, "Indecise" by Coralie Clement.
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-1st tracks- [11 May 2006|01:56pm]


a run-down of the tracksCollapse )

"download me"

hey, ps... i'll finally started messing with the layout and crap here... please give me input about what you think it should look like...
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track 1 mix [10 May 2006|09:56pm]

it's nothing super special, but i like it. secondary theme? maybe.. older songs plus whatever the hell else i felt like throwing in? also, the flow might kind of suck (i couldn't actually play any of the music because my suitemates are huge bitches who actually care about 24/7 quiet hours on final exam week, and my headphones are broken.) anyway, enjoy!


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inactive? i think not [10 May 2006|09:59am]

It's that time of month again. The moon is high, emotions are all over the place, and I'm literally menstruating music. ...Ok, maybe I took the metaphor a little too far, but the point is I've got another monthly theme for y'all.

With May comes: Favorite Track 1's

Shamelessly ripping off High Fidelity, I beseech of you to make a mix CD that is comprised of nothing but your favorite first tracks of any given CD. You don't even have to like the CD, it can simply be an opener that you really love, in spite of the rest of the CD being utter tripe.

+Keeping a good flow... Which may be a skotch difficult, seeing as how all the songs are... first tracks. But I have faith in you.
+All first albums done by an artist would be a nice touch. EPs don't count... Unless the band/artist hasn't done anything else.
+As always, any announced, secondary themes are encouraged.

My Entry... forthcoming
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[14 Apr 2006|08:18am]


Alllright, there's my playlist in semi-easily downloadable form. I highly encourage everyone else to start on uploading their own, I really want to listen to them, and am too lazy to individually download all the files myself/some of you have rareish songs (i'm looking at you steve).
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[13 Apr 2006|01:51pm]

a quick tutorial, if you wnat to share a mix:

ONE: compile your list!!!! if you are on a PC, zip it using winzip or other such program or if you're on a mac you can "create an archive" of it by ctrl clicking it.
TWO: upload your creation. my favorite uploading services are www.yousendit.com, www.uploading.com, www.megaupload.com, etc. These sites often have problems and can take a while if you have a slow conncetion. Using WWU's campus wireless it takes me around2-3 minutes to upload a full mix.
THREE: copy and paste the link for the file into this community with a list or a screen cap of the tracklist.

this will make it a lot more fun for everyone i think, and rule out the annoying use of cds. plus it will be much less social and more cold and unfeeling, which is how the internet should be.

let me know if i'm out of line here, just thought i'd mention it!

if you need help with any HTML stuff like LJ cuts or linking things just ask, i'm sure i can help.
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NGOC MIX [13 Apr 2006|10:39am]

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[13 Apr 2006|02:02am]

does anyone have any graphic design experience, or simply any creative ideas for the western_blender layout? I don't really want to start promoting until there's a little more substance to the place, beit more members, a decent userinfo, or a good layout. that said, who wants to be a maintainer?
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[12 Apr 2006|05:05pm]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mah list. Now I will listen to it, and write a paper.
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[11 Apr 2006|08:54pm]

Hey, I found this lurking on i_saw_you_wwu or whatever the hell. I dunno how to share itunes files; everytime I try to ysi, they end up unreadable. If someone could help me, I'd be glad to share, otherwise here it is just for now.

Autolux - Turnstile Blues
Beck - Milk & Honey
C-Rayz Walz - Battle Me
Diplo - Diplo Rhythm
Eef Barzelay - Thanksgiving Waves
Four Tet - Everything Is Alright
Guided By Voices - Motor Away
Hollertronix - Tippin Toxic (Mike Jones v. Paul Wall v. Britney Spears
Iggy Pop & th' Stooges - Search n' Destroy
Jorge Ben - O Telefone Tocou Novamente
Karl Blau - Dragon Song
Luke Temple - Make Right With You
MC5 - Kick Out The Jams MOTHERFUCKER
NOBODY - Wake Up And Smell The Millenium
On!Air!Library! - Faultered Ego
PJ Harvey - This Is Love
Quasi - I Give Up
Th' Raincoats - No Side To Fall In
Th' Saints - I'm Stranded
Tortoise n' Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Calvary Cross
Th' Urinals - Teenage Kicks
Vast Aire - 9 Lashes (When Michael Smacked Lucifer)
Willie Hightower - Back Road Into Town
X - White Girl
Yo La Tengo - Pencil Test
Th' Zombies - This Will Be Our Year

Please note that this flows like ass. Sorry. Fun to do, though.
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another themed mix [11 Apr 2006|06:27pm]

from the communitymp3_share
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A-z artist mix [11 Apr 2006|05:58pm]


click the pic to download!

let me know if you take it and let me know if it's dead
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first post. [11 Apr 2006|04:43pm]

Welcome to the Western Blender!

As I may have mentioned to some of you before, I'm a terrible leader type, so for lack of anything concrete to say as of yet, I'm going to post the first theme to think about and maybe even create a compilation of:

From A to Z

Could be A-Z of songs, bands, lead singers, or even genres (Alternative to Zamfir?). Anything goes.

Random Bonus Points for:
Any Secondary Themes Within The Alphabet
Extra Playlist For Numbers Zero-Nine
Not Using a sXe band for the letter "X" (See: any band that looks like xBlahblahx.)

My contribution (with currently absolutely no way of sharing it.)

“A Glow” by Okkervil River
“Banking on a Myth” by Andrew Bird
“Circle Square Triangle” by Test Icicles
“Dance to the Underground” by Radio 4
“Emily Kane” by Art Brut
“Fiddle With The Volume” by Lady Sovereign
“Gua” by Emmanuel Jal
“Hey” by The Pixies
“Invasion Party” by Ninja High School
“Just a Friend” by Biz Markie
“Kite Flying Society” by Mark Mothersbaugh
“Lazy Flies” by Beck
“Mote” by The Faint
“Numb” by Portishead
“Oh Well, Okay” by Elliot Smith
“Please Do” by Quasi
“Quickspace Happy Song Number One” by Quickspace
“Raising the Sparks” by Akron/Family
“Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill” by Jens Lekman
“Them That Got” by Ben Folds
“Up All Night” by The Double
“Venus in Furs” by The Velvet Underground
“Walking Zero” by Sneaker Pimps
“X Gon' Give it to Ya” by DMX
“You Never Wash Up After Yourself” by Radiohead
“Zdarlight” by Digitalism

Later on we can figure out the specifics of song distribution, whether through real life meetings with our members on or near campus, or something online.
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