forgot what his psychiatrist looks like (sabdek) wrote in western_blender,
forgot what his psychiatrist looks like

inactive? i think not

It's that time of month again. The moon is high, emotions are all over the place, and I'm literally menstruating music. ...Ok, maybe I took the metaphor a little too far, but the point is I've got another monthly theme for y'all.

With May comes: Favorite Track 1's

Shamelessly ripping off High Fidelity, I beseech of you to make a mix CD that is comprised of nothing but your favorite first tracks of any given CD. You don't even have to like the CD, it can simply be an opener that you really love, in spite of the rest of the CD being utter tripe.

+Keeping a good flow... Which may be a skotch difficult, seeing as how all the songs are... first tracks. But I have faith in you.
+All first albums done by an artist would be a nice touch. EPs don't count... Unless the band/artist hasn't done anything else.
+As always, any announced, secondary themes are encouraged.

My Entry... forthcoming
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