we go on dancing nonetheless (loudxmouse) wrote in western_blender,
we go on dancing nonetheless

-1st tracks-

1. sufjan stevens friggin rocks. this song is beautiful and has a play-count of 48 on my itunes
2. the man in black... on of my favorite tunes of his.
3. the 1st track from the movie boondock saints, which friggin rocks
4. one of the 1st pixies songs i ever heard and i have had a love affair with it ever since
5. mewithoutyou is my favorite band, by far. this song is the sort that once you memorize the words to it, they never leave your head.
6. the now defunt dismemberment plan, always a fun and funky band, turn out a slower song with the same trippy guitar and whatnot.
7. the opening beat to this song makes me get up and dance, if not wiggle in my seat. belle and sebastian is the perfect mix of harmony and fun lyrics.
8. I think this is Bjorks best songs. the music video friggin rocks to. find it and watch it.
9. the anniversary (also long gone) has the same sort of blend of male and female voice that makes belle and sebastian so great, but with a more low-key vibe. watch out, this is borderline emo
10. Still holding onto SOME ska-roots five iron frenzy plowed out this record and soon after broke up. you gotta love the lyrics to this song though, and it still makes ya dance.
11. The pale (now the pale pacific) put out the perfect album, honestly. This song is melodic and upbeat with really catchy lyrics.
12. lovely, accousticy, nasal vocals with nonesense lyrics, yet it makes you kinda sad to listen to it...neutral milk hotel has a way of making it work. this song has a second part if anyone wants it.
13. ok... first off... watch this music video right now click here and tell me that you don't want to try the dance. i have... and it's a work out. this is a mix-cd staple. i really don't like anything else by le tigre though
14. a very colplay-esque, sleepy song with a little oomph from STEVE FROM BLUES CLUES. yes... he's not dead,or in rehab, he is the singer of an indie band.
15. This band came about during that whole rap-core phenom, but still has managed to hold my attention. The lead singer could be my dad at this point, but it's still a great live show. This is one of project 86's later albums, and they keep getting stronger.
16. a pretty, sunshiney tune. makes you feel like driving around in a convertible or something. It's aqualung, all their songs basically sound like this.
17. ok... this is the opening to the best metal song ever. i almost cheated and put the second track on there, no one would have known. but, if you want a really heavy-hitting type of metal, becomming the archetype is it.
18. the polyphonic spree has such a big, choral sound. i adore it. This song is what my BF calls "high music" because it's pointless and just happy, like what you would listen to on a good trip. I still like it anyway.
19. this is the opening track during the credits of the anime "my neighbor totoro". if you have not seen it, please go and find it... but NOT the newer, dubbed version. that sucks a lot.
20. If you all missed the USE concert on campus, i am sorry. It was way too many drunk people in one room jumping, but you gotta love the music.
21. One of those tunes you get stuck in you head and only know the 1st 10 words of, oh camera obscura...you and your silly, soft lyrics. this might be the anthem for my life...
22. ok... maybe this is my anthem for life. Harry and the Potters title track makes you wanna get a lighter out or... a wand... or something....
23. Always a good way to wrap up anything, elliot smith's haunting voice and simple guitar... thank you...and goodnight

"download me"

hey, ps... i'll finally started messing with the layout and crap here... please give me input about what you think it should look like...
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