we go on dancing nonetheless (loudxmouse) wrote in western_blender,
we go on dancing nonetheless

a quick tutorial, if you wnat to share a mix:

ONE: compile your list!!!! if you are on a PC, zip it using winzip or other such program or if you're on a mac you can "create an archive" of it by ctrl clicking it.
TWO: upload your creation. my favorite uploading services are www.yousendit.com, www.uploading.com, www.megaupload.com, etc. These sites often have problems and can take a while if you have a slow conncetion. Using WWU's campus wireless it takes me around2-3 minutes to upload a full mix.
THREE: copy and paste the link for the file into this community with a list or a screen cap of the tracklist.

this will make it a lot more fun for everyone i think, and rule out the annoying use of cds. plus it will be much less social and more cold and unfeeling, which is how the internet should be.

let me know if i'm out of line here, just thought i'd mention it!

if you need help with any HTML stuff like LJ cuts or linking things just ask, i'm sure i can help.
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